2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Football Blaster 2 AUTO'S BOX
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2 autographs per box

7 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.

- A longtime standout in the Panini family, Contenders Draft Picks College Football returns in 2017 with autographs aplenty!
- The popular College Tickets subset features autographs from the 2017 NFL Draft and includes retail only Draft Ticket Red Foil, Blue Foil, and Draft Ticket Variation Red and Blue Foil!
- Find rare autographs from college football legends in both Alumni Ink and Old School Colors Signatures.
- Chase autograph inserts, such as Collegiate Connections Signatures, School Colors Signatures, Passing Grade Signatures, and Rush Week Signatures, featuring autographs from this year's deep running back class.
- Each box will deliver 2 autographs!

- 2 autographs
- 1 Rush Week
- 1 Collegiate Connections
- 1 Passing Grades
- 4 Game Day Tickets
- 2 School Colors
- 2 Old School Colors
- 3 other inserts

- Old School Colors Signatures: 20-card insert, Old School Colors Signatures is loaded with signatures from Heisman Trophy winners sporting their college gear.
- Alumni Ink: Reserved for only the legends of college football from yesterday and today!
- Rush Week Signatures: 10-card autograph insert features the top running backs in the 2017 NFL Draft and today's young stars, including The Ohio State University's Ezekiel Elliott!
- Passing Grade Signatures: A fitting homage to the gunslingers who will carry the league into the next decade!

- Season Ticket: Today's NFL stars highlighted in their college uniforms!  Look for Printing Plate versions, sequentially numbered to 1!
- College Ticket: 200-card College Ticket subset, look for all of the top draft picks from the 2017 NFL Draft.

Look for the following Retail Exclusive parallels:
- College Draft Ticket Red Foil
- College Draft Ticket Blue Foil
- College Draft Ticket Variation Red Foil
- College Draft Ticket Variation Blue Foil

  • Manufacturer: Panini
  • Condition: New

2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Football Blaster 2 AUTO'S BOX

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